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One Month into my no-buy

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

It’s been a month since I started this new journey; I have noticed that I don’t get the urge to shop often, but when I do, I shop in bulk, and I justify it by saying I am saving on shipping fees (by shipping everything at once) I’m mainly an online consumer. 99% of my shopping is online. I usually pick an item or two from the country I’m travelling to as a practical souvenir.

Now that I’m done justifying my shopping habits. This month I’ve been ultra-aware of my spending, and I feel it’s mainly because I have not set a budget for it. My main expense is food and self- pampering. Which I need to cut down on. So, starting this month, I have created a budget for my expenses. I tried to account for every need I had every month.

I wrote the above at the end of Sep. Today is the 14 of Oct, and I would like to say that I did not stick to that plan. Or, in other words, I have, but because I was returning money I owed myself from last month. And had some commitments that ended up being very expensive. I’m 3 weeks away from payday, and I feel broke.

Keep in mind that I have the money, but it’s for my trip this coming Nov, so I have to return any money I take from there next month, which is a non-ending cycle. I have yet to figure a way out of this cycle.

What Have I spent my money on this month.

Firstly, I have started this where I purchase skincare set for my cousins once this reaches the teen phase as a starter to maintain good habits. We live in the middle east, and with that, Sunscreen is our best friend. That promise I made caused the most significant dents in my saving plan this month.

This month, I will be purchasing my plane ticket and train tickets and accommodation.

I have kept all the chaotic half-finished paragraphs as they represent where I stand at the moment. I have been writing this blog post for the past 3 weeks on and off. I will not proofread it or change what it contains, as those were my actual thoughts through this journey.

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