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I need to stop Hoarding...

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

I like to own things that spark joy in my life. That's How my best friend describes me; however, it downplays my love of buying multiples of anything that looks good or I think is a great deal (even if I have never tried it before) and have a challenging time in letting things go even if it does not suit me. I attach a lot of emotions to material things, unfortunately, and that is something I'm working on; however, I am better at giving up skincare that does not suit me than pants that don't fit or a shirt that is not my style, just because it was a gift. But I'm bad at buying what I need in skincare only.

One of the main reasons I'm starting this blog is to keep track of my consumption habits and hold myself accountable. I'm starting this journey for several reasons; one of them is that my Personal space is very cluttered and disorganised. It also feels that things have gotten out of hand with wanting everything my favourite influencer is presenting. I always thought since it's just me and I work hard, I need to spoil myself, but by doing that come mid-month, I was broke and, at the age of 28 have no savings even though I'm one of the lucky people out there with no college debt or car loans. Since I live with my family, I have no electrical bills or rent.

In this blog, I also plan to share my skincare new finds and what works for me and what doesn't. I'm also trying to switch to a more sustainable way of living, unfortunately, I live in the GCC, and it's challenging to be Environmentally sustainable when it comes to purchasing. Because even though I can order sustainable clothing online, I have to ship them, which does not help the environment much. I have an ongoing issue with avoiding knockoffs and the ability to buy the skincare that I enjoy. So, for now, I'll settle for buying clothes from ethical and sustainable brands and try to purchase mindfully and not because there is a sale going on. I'll also talk about situations that I encounter during my daily life. So, in short, this blog will discuss everything and anything that I go through in my life. AKA my new diary, except it's for the world to experience and join.

So, enjoy reading and have a positively relaxed day.

Noor Al Suri

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