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2022 Open letter

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

New Year improved Me.

That's the motto for the year.

I know most of you have questions about my 6-month No-Buy let's say it ended by the 7th-week mark. I made couple of purchases don't recall them now, to be honest, and I made my usual Large skincare purchase d

uring black Friday. I have made a couple of conscious purchases that I'm happy with, such as a white/cream chequered winter Coat. And an emerald green bag. These past days I've been going through a rough patch mentally and emotionally, and now I would love to say I went on a shopping spree that cost roughly 300 RO. But to be honest, I went on three websites and purchased items that cost 300 RO. Two out of those I have to pay for shipping later. So, a No-Buy is not working. Because my main issue is not excessive shopping, it's that I do not limit myself. I can go on a no-buy for months, but once I start, I go crazy.

However, I learned a couple of things during my no-buy, such as to question every purchase and consciously know a needless purchase as I make it. That helps minimise them and makes you far more conscious of where you spent your money. For example, I make a large purchase of skincare during black-Friday, but that lasts my family and me for an entire year. So, it mitigates itself and considering the shipping expense; it's easier to order in bulk. Hence, it's not a habit I'll break anytime soon. For my clothing, I have decided to purchase from designers and High-end Retailers to up the quality of my wardrobe, which should help with over purchasing. And the items will be pricier than shopping at regular fast fashion stores. This technique should also help me be more aware of every purchase I make, as it might take me saving several months to make one purchase.

Now, I have decided to try and be more consistent with my writing. So I promise to do better this year than the last I'll keep you posted with all I'm doing on those fronts. I'm due a wardrobe cleaning soon, so expect a post on that. I travelled twice last year and my travel wardrobe had its Ups and downs, so definitely expect a post on that.

Have a great Year

An Arab-Minimalist

Noor Al Suri

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